Powering global trade and prosperity

About Us

The mission of the Transglobal Business Council is a crucial undertaking by global business leaders that are committed to leading the global economy toward a more prosperous and hopeful future.

Business leaders are faced with a landscape of financial, economic, and regulatory challenges.  Business collaboration and cooperation promotes a collective view of ideas, values, and business solutions that drive innovative and competitive business practices around the world.

Our collective efforts in the global marketplace will:

-  Promote an open system of world

-  Open markets for cross-border investment and trade

-  Support sustainable development

-  Provide the means to effectively compete

-  Influence innovation with new ideas and reforms

-  Strengthen American business leadership

-  Advance the highest standards of corporate responsibility

-  Support global business advocacy and coalition-building

Paving the way for dynamic growth for American commerce abroad the Council and its members will continue to work directly with the U.S. policy makers and officials in the United Nations, European Union, and a host of other governments and groups.

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